Elephants walk in front of a storm in Tarangire National Park

Tanzania People & Wildlife

Tanzania People & Wildlife (TPW) protects wildlife, invests in people, and restores balance to Africa’s vital ecosystems through effective conservation action, applied science, and collective impact.

As the sister organization of African People & Wildlife, we recognize the deep interconnections among communities, wild species, and the diverse ecosystems they call home. As stewards of the land who depend on the natural world, people are at the heart of everything we do. By ensuring that each of our programs benefits human lives, conserves wildlife, and protects vital habitats, our theory of change results in a world where communities and wildlife coexist and thrive.

Our Priorities

Wildlife Conservation and Coexistence

Africa is home to the world’s greatest intact large mammal populations, but many critical species face increased threats from climate change, habitat loss and degradation, and conflict with people.

We work hand in hand with communities to advance current and new conservation solutions that reflect local needs and perspectives. Our efforts to reduce conflict, involve local people in conservation, and increase tolerance for coexistence will help prevent the catastrophic crisis of mass extinction.

Maasai giraffe walking through the savanna

Natural Resource Stewardship

Africa's wealth of natural resources faces intense pressures from changing weather patterns, shifts in land use, and increasing demands for land and water. To strengthen local environmental stewardship, we engage men, women, and youth whose lives and futures are linked to the natural world. By empowering communities to use and manage grasslands and water sources sustainably, we create human prosperity, thriving wildlife habitats, and greater climate change resilience.

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Neovitus Sianga meets with local pastoralists

Landscape Restoration and Connectivity

Habitat loss and fragmentation pose one of the greatest threats to the future of Africa’s wildlife, ecosystems, and rural communities. Through strategic partnerships, we lead collective efforts to restore and connect a flourishing mosaic of lands that benefit people, parks, and wildlife while building local climate change resilience.

Group of cheetahs in the Maasai Steppe landscape

Sustainable Livelihoods

In parts of Africa where limited economic opportunities exist, people are more likely to take part in environmentally harmful activities like charcoaling and bushmeat poaching.

We support current and new sustainable livelihood opportunities that lift families out of poverty, empower women and youth, and improve health and education – all while protecting nature.

Woman holds a jar of Mama Asali honey

Strategic Partnerships

Africa's urgent conservation challenges require collaborative, innovative, and inclusive solutions. African People & Wildlife recognizes the need for greater synergy among communities, wildlife agencies, NGOs, and conservationists. By facilitating knowledge sharing and catalyzing new partnerships, we help to maximize positive, sustainable impact for people, wildlife, and landscapes in Tanzania and beyond.

Stakeholders meet for a pastoralist harmonization meeting
Sand storm in Engaruka Valley

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Watch firsthand accounts from those directly affected by climate change in Tanzania, and explore how we’re partnering with rural people to mitigate climate change and protect biodiversity.