Wildlife Club member receives certificate at school

Youth Leadership and Inclusion

African People & Wildlife recognizes the power and possibility of youth as champions of nature.

We engage, inspire, and elevate the voices of young people while building their conservation knowledge, skills, and experience. By realizing the full potential of youth today, we can ensure that Africa’s wild places will survive and thrive for generations to come.

How We Support Youth Leadership and Inclusion

Provide Environmental Scholarships

Many of Tanzania’s rural youth lack the means to receive an education beyond primary school. We support high-performing graduates of our wildlife clubs to achieve their dreams through competitive secondary school and university environmental scholarships.

Erika Piñeros/APW
Youth in a Tanzania classroom

Inspire a Conservation Ethic in Tomorrow’s Leaders

Today’s youth will determine the future of Africa’s wildlife and wildlands. We nurture the connections between young people and nature through hands-on and classroom learning that inspires responsible conservation choices and behaviors.

Youth on a field trip bus in Northern Tanzania

Increase Youth Leadership and Involvement in Conservation Programs

Through a strong foundation of youth engagement in our programs, we connect young people with the conservation skills, resources, and educational opportunities they need to create brighter futures for nature and themselves.

Youth participating in a rangelands science project

African People & Wildlife’s environmental camp inspired me so much that I’ve decided to pursue a bachelor’s degree in wildlife management!

Kelvin, Youth Environmental Camper

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