Maasai women walking in a line

Empowered Women and Girls

African People & Wildlife elevates rural women and girls as conservation champions at a time when nature needs them the most.

In many parts of Africa, rural and Indigenous women and girls are the main users of natural resources. Yet men often assume a greater role in managing land and water. We unleash the power of women and girls through conservation programs, employment opportunities, and internships.

How We Empower Women and Girls

Support Women in Conservation Mentorships & Girls’ Programs

We support aspiring local women to launch careers in conservation through field-based mentorships. We are also creating Girls Clubs to provide a safe space for young girls to learn important life skills and build a path to future environmental scholarships and careers.

Woman intern observing a rain gauge

Promote Gender Equity in Conservation Leadership

We believe successful conservation must include women's voices. We commit to achieving gender parity in our leadership and to supporting the Tanzanian government to involve more women in the wildlife sector. Together, we will drive positive systemic change for women throughout the country and across Africa.

Yamat Lengai taking notes

Invest in Sustainable Livelihoods

We know from experience that rural women who earn their own incomes are likely to invest in the greater good of their families and communities. We work with local women's groups to co-create business opportunities that benefit people and nature.

Women beekeepers at night in Tanzania

In the past, our job as women was to cook and give birth to our children, but now we are leaders in our community. We have moved from struggle to success. We have earned the honor of being seen and able.

Neema, Women's Beekeeping Initiative Member

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