Herd of elephants grazing in Northern Tanzania

Strategic Partnerships

African People & Wildlife recognizes the need for greater synergy among communities, wildlife agencies, NGOs, and conservationists.

Africa's urgent conservation challenges require collaborative, innovative, and inclusive solutions. By facilitating knowledge sharing and catalyzing new partnerships, we help to maximize positive, sustainable impact for people, wildlife, and landscapes in Tanzania and beyond.

How We Build Strategic Partnerships

Advance ACTIVE™ Community Engagement

We offer practical methods, strategies, and tools for organizations and government authorities to deepen and sustain mutually beneficial relationships with communities.

Maasai women's group meeting

Increase Outreach and Collaboration

We convene communities, organizations, educators, government leaders, researchers, and practitioners from around the world to share knowledge and tackle Africa's greatest conservation challenges.

Group training at Noloholo Environmental Center

Strengthen Government Alliances

We engage government leaders in Tanzania to identify shared goals with communities and implement holistic conservation programs. Through these joint efforts, we intensify our positive impact on people and wildlife.

Mountains in the background behind a group of Oryx

Thanks for sharing this masterpiece, addressing the often-avoided question – ‘the how-to.’ It will truly be my reference guide, and I intend to keep it as one of my knowledge companions.

Dickson Ole Kaelo, CEO of the Kenya Wildlife Conservancies Association on Communities, Conservation, and Collaboration: A Framework for Success

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