Herd of zebra on the savanna

Climate Change Resilience

Climate change poses a growing threat to Africa’s people, animals, and ecosystems. We support community preparedness and resilience and help wildlife adapt to a changing world.

In Africa, the realities of a rapidly warming planet are visible across our landscapes. Rising temperatures, longer and more intense droughts, and more extreme weather impact biodiversity, food security, and human well-being. By taking urgent, collective action today, we can mitigate these threats and create a healthier future for all.

How We Build Climate Change Resilience

Restore and Connect Landscapes

Large, healthy, and intact landscapes benefit everyone – people, parks, and wildlife – and help mitigate the impacts of climate change. We lead shared efforts to restore and connect a flourishing mosaic of vital habitats and wildlife corridors.

Monitoring Tanzania rangelands with equipment

Conserve Vital Species and Habitats

Keystone species like lions and elephants support healthy and resilient ecosystems. We work to ensure that Tanzania's incredible wildlife populations endure for the long-term benefit of people and nature.

Male lion in the grass

Inspire and Prepare Future Conservation Leaders

We empower Africa's youth to protect the environment – today and tomorrow – through classroom activities, outdoor field trips, and environmental scholarships.

Youth doing a science activity with a rain gauge

Support Healthy and Prosperous Communities

We believe that human prosperity and a healthy environment go hand in hand. In partnership with communities, we create opportunities for people to benefit from nature-friendly businesses.

Maasai woman proudly holding a jar of the honey she made

Because of this project, our communities are able to work together in a collaborative, scientific way. We’re already starting to see an improvement. Pastures that used to be bare now have grass growing.

Yohana, Sustainable Rangelands Initiative Member

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