Maasai woman in front of her boma

Human Rights Protection

Successful conservation must include the people whose lives are linked to the lands we protect. We invite our partner communities to the table from the beginning as co-creators and co-implementers of programs that impact their lives.

Rural and Indigenous people collectively protect about 80 percent of our world's biodiversity. These communities hold deep knowledge of natural systems and intimate connections to the lands they call home. At the same time, they often face discrimination and exclusion from natural resource decisions. By integrating human rights into conservation practice, we can create a more sustainable future for all.

How We Respect and Protect Human Rights

Put People at the Center of Everything We Do

We work hand in hand with our fellow community members and partners, ensuring that all voices are heard and respected.

Women in a conservation meeting in Africa

Promote Inclusivity

Through our inclusive programs, we embrace a diversity of opinions and ideas, treating our team members, partners, supporters, and fellow community members with dignity and respect.

Group at a Women's Beekeeping Initiative meeting

Advance Holistic Conservation across Africa

We advance our commitment to equitable, inclusive, and sustainable conservation solutions by sharing our holistic approach with partners across Tanzania and Africa.

Staff training at African People & Wildlife

My husband asks for my opinion on things now, and I am respected more in the community. The same thing is happening with other women who are involved with beekeeping. Men in the village are starting to see that we have a purpose beyond our traditional household roles.

Helena Mbarnoti, Women's Beekeeping Initiative Member

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