Leopard cub in a tree

Our Priorities

Africa’s biodiversity faces serious, growing threats that need bold and urgent action. Our priorities deliver win-win solutions to help people and nature thrive together – today and tomorrow.

Wildlife Conservation and Coexistence

Half of Africa’s wild species face the risk of extinction by the year 2100. Our holistic, community-driven solutions – needed now more than ever – conserve some of Tanzania's most vulnerable wildlife populations and their habitats.

LIoness and cubs in Northern Tanzania

Natural Resource Stewardship

Africa is rich in natural resources, but their overuse and exploitation threaten the futures of people and wildlife. Together with communities and other partners, we protect and restore essential grasslands and water sources for the benefit of all.

Rangeland scientists measure plant health

Landscape Restoration and Connectivity

To survive and thrive, Africa’s rural people and wildlife species need large, intact ecosystems that span across protected and communal lands. We work across vast areas to protect biodiversity and support sustainable community development.

Bull elephant in Tanzania

Sustainable Livelihoods

In rural Africa, many people face limited economic opportunities. With a deep understanding that human well-being and sustainable conservation go hand in hand, we support local livelihoods while ensuring the long-term resilience of people, wildlife, and the landscapes they share.

Erika Piñeros/APW
Maasai woman proudly holding a jar of her honey

Strategic Partnerships

Lasting conservation success depends on the collective efforts of many specialized partners. We leverage the unique strengths of key collaborators to implement our holistic conservation programming and to maximize our positive impact across Tanzania and beyond.

Herd of zebra running
Herd of wildebeest in Tanzania

You Can Make a Difference

More than 92 percent of your donation will directly support our conservation programs.

Explore our priorities to learn how we achieve win-win solutions for people and nature