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Themes We Address

Key Issues

We address the deep links between nature and human well-being through a set of overarching themes. We believe each of these themes is a vital part of solving some of our world's most pressing challenges.

Empowered Women and Girls

Africa’s women and girls have enormous untapped potential to create transformative social and environmental change. By uplifting and empowering women and girls, we create a remarkable ripple effect that benefits communities, economies, and ecosystems.

Two girls looking at a camera trap

Climate Change Resilience

Africa is expected to bear a greater climate change burden than any other region in the world. Through nature-based solutions, we connect critical wildlife corridors, preserve healthy habitats, and help vulnerable human and wildlife populations adapt to present and future climate impacts.

Eland standing on a hill in Tanzania

Youth Leadership and Inclusion

With nearly 60 percent of its population under the age of twenty-five, Africa is the world’s youngest continent. We build the capacity of future conservation leaders by connecting them with skills and resources to drive positive impact in their communities and the world – both today and tomorrow.

Youth studying with books and paper

Human Rights Protection

Indigenous people are vulnerable to discrimination and often excluded from processes that may affect their rights. We ensure that our community partners are full and active participants in conservation activities and co-creators of programs that impact their lives.

Maasai women listening to a community presentation
Lioness sitting on the Maasai Steppe

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Explore the themes we address and discover how we co-create innovative conservation solutions in partnership with communities