From Hive to Thrive: Investing in Women Beekeepers

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At African People & Wildlife, we have a deep commitment to empowering women as conservation champions. From supporting young women in conservation careers to promoting gender equity and inclusive decision-making, our programs strive to uplift women, their families, and the environment they depend on.

Women continue to face limited access to education and economic opportunities in rural Tanzania. However, our Women's Beekeeping Initiative is rewriting this narrative and conserving natural resources at the same time. By preventing deforestation and supporting local ecosystems, beekeeping protects wildlife habitats and promotes the coexistence of humans and nature.

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With the success and growth of the program since 2013, there are new opportunities opening up for Mama Asali beekeepers. We recently recruited and trained 21 women as "Queen Bees” – a model inspired by our Warriors for Wildlife program. These emerging female leaders are equipped with the skills and resources to manage daily operations, track essential data in our mobile technology platform, and help other beekeepers, creating a ripple effect of empowerment and transformation.

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As with many industries, women mentors provide tailored support, fostering a safe and inclusive learning environment. By investing in women's leadership capacities in beekeeping and beyond, we cultivate collective action and change for generations to come.

Bee a Change-Maker

You can be part of positive change! Donating to African People & Wildlife supports Tanzanian women and the conservation of vital wildlife habitat. We aim to open a second honey processing center in 2024 to offer a path out of poverty for rural women. Your support is crucial in creating opportunities for beekeepers to become household decision-makers and role models for their daughters while uplifting communities.

See How We Invest in Women

Explore our ArcGIS StoryMap about the Women's Beekeeping Initiative. During this interactive journey, you'll dig deep into how the program works and the impact on women and their communities.

ArcGIS StoryMap about the beekeeping program
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