Katy Teson

Communications and Outreach Manager

Katy Teson at African People & Wildlife

Katy Teson joined African People & Wildlife in 2022 as the Communications and Outreach Manager. As part of this role, she serves as a liaison with Tanzanian team members, partners, community members, and the media to bring attention to the challenges and opportunities of delivering win-win solutions for people and nature.

Katy holds a bachelor’s degree in geography and environmental science from Queen’s University in Canada and a master’s degree in geosciences from Oregon State University, where she researched the strategies of land conservancies in rural communities of the American West. Her previous work has included nonprofit website development and marketing/public relations for conservation initiatives like American Prairie, as well as ecological assessments and GIS for wildlife and land management.

Katy's interest in a holistic approach to conservation began with the Canadian Field Studies in Africa (CFSIA) program in Kenya and Tanzania. Subsequent experiences working with conservation organizations have shown her the importance of community-driven programs powered by science and a landscape-scale vision for wildlife.