Methusela Lameck Magobeko

Geospatial Data and Conservation Technology Officer

Methusela Magabeko

Methusela Lameck Magobeko, a Geoinformatics graduate from the University of Dodoma, is a GIS professional dedicated to environmental and wildlife conservation. With three years of hands-on experience in wildlife conservation, Methusela is adept at leveraging GIS for informed decision-making using live spatial data. His expertise includes forest monitoring and forest fire mapping in the Kigoma Region through the Danish Refugee Council.

As a former Solution Engineer for Esri Eastern Africa, Methusela introduced GIS applications to a diversity of organizations, recognizing its pivotal role in wildlife conservation. He firmly believes that GIS skills are the present and future solution in this field. Now, as the Geospatial Data and Conservation Technology Officer for our Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning, and Adaptation team, Methusela brings his wealth of experience to enhance the organization’s capacity in geospatial data analytics. His key responsibilities include assisting with monitoring wildlife populations, weather patterns, and rangeland quality. Methusela is committed to supporting TPW's community-based conservation goals through his expertise in GIS and dedication to the sustainable management of natural resources.