Ramadhani Saidi joined Tanzania People & Wildlife (TPW) in 2019 as the GIS Specialist. In this role, he conducts spatial and non-spatial data collection and analysis, designs digital maps using mapping software, and implements systems and databases to access and store geospatial data. In addition, he is responsible for the management and maintenance of mobile phones used for data collection in TPW's Community Natural Resource Management and Human-Wildlife Conflict Prevention programs. Ramadhani is experienced with living in rural bush areas. Wildlife has been his lifelong passion, with birds being one of his main interests. This passion drove him to the College of African Wildlife Management (MWEKA), where he completed a bachelor’s degree in wildlife management. Ramadhani is a committed wildlife professional who divides his time between the office and the field working on various projects with rural communities to create effective, sustainable solutions that improve the lives of rural Africans while protecting the natural world.