African People & Wildlife 2019 Annual Report

Innovating for Balance


Key Takeaways

Innovating Together

Using the ArcGIS Solutions for Protected Area Management suite of apps and tools, we began to elevate the power of citizen science by putting real-time, critical conservation information into the hands of community members.

Deepening Our Impact

By reaching thirty-five communities and supporting more than 160,000 community members across five conservation landscapes, we achieved new milestones through programs that benefit rural communities, wildlife, and wildlands simultaneously.

Expanding Our Reach

We began to take our community-driven approach to scale with the publication of Community, Conservation, and Collaboration: A Framework for Success and through the growth of our ACTIVE™ Community Engagement outreach program.

Like the natural world we work to protect, we are resilient too. By joining forces, we have the power to transcend many challenges through our collective drive and ingenuity.

Laly Lichtenfeld, Ph.D., Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of African People & Wildlife